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  • Jess Steele

    Jess Steele

  • Christine Locher

    Christine Locher

    Decision coach for professionals looking for more depth, facilitator, writer, art lover. Book on values-based change out now.

  • Petrina Douglas

    Petrina Douglas

    40 something, Camerado. Be more human.

  • James D Clarke

    James D Clarke

    Digital Doer @wearereplenish, Volunteer @ashmoreparkhub, @WV11, @howednesfield & @wtonforeveryone.

  • Selva Mustafa

    Selva Mustafa

  • Julius Honnor

    Julius Honnor

    Content and digital. Co-founder, Contentious. Co-chair, Digital Charity. Author, editor, photographer. Dartmoor-born E17 inhabitant.

  • Lesley Dunn

    Lesley Dunn

  • Karen Tyrell

    Karen Tyrell

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